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Guys, the logo of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II was straight-up ADORBS. Just a cute li’l snake, smokin’ a pipe … and he’s coming for you, Hitler. *puff puff puff*

Wasn’t this also one of the Hogwarts?


This awesomely overindulgent edible behemoth is called the Ulti-Meatum. It’s a cheeseburger (complete with buns) inside another hamburger, sandwiched between two more hamburgers. It’s 10,000 calories worth of food on a single plate and it was created by Corinne Clarkson, owner of Mister Eaters Fish and Chips in Preston, Lancashire, England. Clarkson was inspired to create such an imposing tower of meat, cheese and bread after watching an episode of Regular Show on Cartoon Network.

Mrs. Clarkson freely admits that she hasn’t actually tried the Ulti-Meatum herself:

‘I couldn’t eat it – I haven’t even been tempted yet. It’s massive. There must be someone in the country who wants to try – and they’re more than welcome.’

She really means it too, the Ulti-Meatum is free to any customer able to finish it in one sitting. But if you’d rather break it up into ever-so-slightly more sensible portions, for £20 ($33 USD) Mrs. Clarkson’s husband John will happily prepare each section for you as a separate serving.

[via Design Taxi and Metro.co.uk]

"Ulti-Meatum is a pretty good baby name.

An Ocean In Between the Waves- The War On Drugs. This whole album is scratching my Dire Straits itch.

Found this gem down at the Denver Central library. Can’t wait to read it!

New Panda Bear! Marijuana Makes My Day is a super-wasted! It feels like the super blissed-out moments on Person Pitch, only this time he’s cribbing Paul Simon and not the Beach Boys.

Lovely little fixer-upper in Federal Heights Denver.

I think I would have been a great club kid.

I think I would have been a great club kid.



Pictureplane’s Trance Doll always makes me happy.

It’s amazing how good Heathcliff is.

It’s amazing how good Heathcliff is.

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